BC Science and Math Preview


Thanks for your interest in our Edvantage Science Programs. We think you’ll be very happy  to have reached out and contacted us when you see our Math and Science programs. Please feel free to browse a digital version of one or more of our books. 

BC Science Chemistry

Chem11_small Chem12

BC Science Physics

Physics11 Physics12_small

Edvantage Math

BC Calculus Cover


NEW for 2022

1 ES Physics 11 2021 Cover


Thanks for your support and we’re so happy to have so many emails during this APSI 2021 season requesting print and digital previews of our resources. Here are some of the more common questions we are receiving.  

1.  How long does it take to get the books in my school?

Typically it takes 2 to 3 weeks to receive your books after ordering. This includes minor customization like the school name on the cover or changing the cover image.

2.  Is there additional cost for adding school name or changing the cover image?


3.  My principal doesn’t allow for book purchases. Do you have a digital option?

Yes, our Edvantage Science Interactive eBook (ESIE) provides both your students and you with an interactive experience using any web enabled device.

4. I’ve already ordered my books, but would like to use your books. What do you suggest?

Some schools have a class set of the ‘traditional textbook’ that stay in the class as reference. They use the Edvantage Science book as their core resource and allow students the option to purchase the book. That way students that purchase the book can write in the book. If a student does not wish to purchase the book they return the book for student use in the future. Either way the student has a core book that keeps them organized through the school year. Thus, a class set of Edvantage Science books is a one time purchase. Administrators are pretty good at finding the financing for a one time purchase. Especially when it includes both print and digital support for AP students.