BC Senior Science Project – August 2019 Update

As we move into the school year with new BC Science curriculum for Chemistry and Physics, we’re pleased to provide you with a preview version for each of our books. After consulting with educators across the province it was clear that if the topics didn’t change, there was not an appetite for significant change to the material. The main focus on this new curriculum is on teaching practices as outlined in various Ministry documents and supported by professional development within the District and Province. 

One area of support that we are focusing on is the First Peoples standards within the curricula. Edvantage Interactive is working with Royal Roads University and the Heron Group to find relevant connections between traditional knowledge and western science. As you can appreciate, this is a long term project. As we create relevant and meaningful connections they will be added to our books via QR codes. You can find these codes with the following label.

Over the next several years we will continue to work with the elders of the Heron Group to find connections that support the senior science Chemistry and Physics curriculum. We are also excited by the addition of the opportunity for you to acknowledge the traditional territory your school resides upon. At the front of each book is a land acknowledge and welcome statement designed to be read at the start of each class. You will also notice there is space to write-in the traditional territory of your school. On the backside of this page are teaching notes and general information from the Heron Group explaining the reason and importance for the land acknowledgement. Additional teaching support will also be provided at edvantagescience.com.

We’ve also create an implementation guide to assist you. The feedback to date have been very positive.

To preview anyone of our books click on any of the following:

Chemistry 11

Chemistry 12

Physics 11

Physics 12