BC Senior Science Project – Update

New Year, New Curriculum

As we move closer to the implementation date for the new BC Senior Science curriculum, we wanted to provide an update to everyone impacted by these new changes. Over the next several months Edvantage Interactive will begin supporting teachers as they plan, create and prepare for the September 2019 implementation of the new British Columbia senior science curriculum.

This support actually started in October, 2018 at the provincial professional development day when we held a launch of our BC Senior Science Project. This Project is designed to provide you with support, guidance and ideas to help plan your new science course.

If you missed the October session, here is the keynote address.

And the powerpoint presentation that accompanied the keynote.

As part of the next steps in the Project, we will be releasing in early February a draft Table of Contents for our senior science books. This will be followed by subject webinars to discuss these changes to the current resources.

We encourage you to join us for these no-charge professional development activities. If you would like to have us join your department or district on a professional development, please call 1.866.422.7310 to book an date. The Edvantage Interactive team would be happy to come and support your implementation plans.

Thanks for your interest and we look forward to seeing you in February.