New for BC *2019-20

New for 2019-2020

Why have new resources for SR Science Curriculum…?

  • BC Science Chemistry 11 & 12
  • BC Science Physics 11 & 12

Our highly successful Chemistry & Physics resources have been updated to reflect all changes in the new SR Science curriculum. Chemistry authors Cheri Smith, Gary Davidson, Megan Ryan and Chris Toth, as well as Physics authors Gordon Gore, Lionel Sandner have all contributed to the new resources.

Edvantage will continue to publish market leading write-in textbooks, with digital support for students and teachers. All resource are flexible & customizable. Dynamic Canadian Content vs static re-purposed US Content.

Why BC Science Chemistry & BC Science Physics …?

1. 100% curriculum fit – new content added to address changes in curriculum

2. Create your own Customized Book

  • Tip 1 – Create your own cover
  • Tip 2 – Add QR codes
  • Tip 3 – Add your own content

3. Support for First Peoples perspectives – Coming Soon

What’s new for ALL resources

  1. Edvantage Solutions – Fully Worked Solutions digitally for teachers
  2. Traffic Lights – “I can” statements for student self assessment
  3. Enhanced Online Study Guide – additional quizzes for students