A Different Kind of Educational Content Developer


You have found the educational content developer Edvantage Interactive. We are focused on providing customized print and digital solutions for high school science teachers. Yes, that’s correct. We want to directly help you, the teacher, create the best program possible for your students. No more running to the photocopier, no more wondering if you’re really following copyright legislation, no more wondering if you’ve addressed the themes of your curriculum and preparing your students for their future learnings. We can work together to craft print and digital resources that are exactly what you need. Let me personally invite you to try our one of our programs for AP Chemistry, AP Physics, High School Chemistry, High School Physics or Environmental Science (and soon Biology!).

Part of my educational vision is to provide you with customized print and digital resources that work for both you and your students. If you’ve ever wanted to change a section in your current print resource, then you want to talk to us. If you’ve ever wanted to use digital resources aligned to your lessons and reduce your marking load, then you will really want to talk to us. And if you want a low cost, high quality solution, then we are here to help.

On behalf of all of us at Edvantage Interactive, I look forward to working with you in the near future .

Lionel Sandner